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Results are molecular parameters computed by Sednterp from the equations described in the theory section. To understand the results, the theory section ought to be read at length. Here, the results are simply listed. To find the theory section for a particular result, look in the Table of Contents. The program reports results on the main form and the results form.

Results Dependence
molecular weight From composition: depends on user entered composition, database of amino acid and conjugate weights
molecular weight From sedimentation velocity: depends on sigma, RPM, sample vbar, buffer density, temperature
buoyant molecular weight (Mb) depends on sigma, RPM, temperature
s-20-w Sedimentation coefficient corrected to 20 degrees C in water. Depends on apparent s (s*), temperature, sample concentration (if entered), density, viscosity, vbar
(Ro or Rp) Radius of equivalent anhydrous sphere Depends only on molecular weight if Tellers empirical formula is used, depends on molecular weight and vbar otherwise
(fo or Fp) minimal frictional coefficient depends on equivalent radius
(Smax) maximum sedimentation coefficient depends on vbar, density, and minimal frictional coefficient
(Dmax) maximum diffusion coefficient depends on temperature and minimal frictional coefficient
maximum shape or hydration of a modeled molecule S-20-w
estimated shapes of a molecule depend on S-20-w minimal frictional coefficient and hydration
estimated hydration depends on S-20-w, minimal frictional coefficient and on asymmetry ratios
molecular lengths depend on maximum shapes, vbar, and molecular weight