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The Sednterp program is a general purpose tool for the interpretation of sedimentation equilibrium and sedimentation velocity experiments. It collects many diverse functions into a single program. Sednterp is useful both for computing molecular structural estimates from experimental data and for interpolating physical parameters of common buffers used in sedimentation experiments. The Sednterp program was developed at AMGEN by John Philo with the help of David Hayes at the University of New Hampshire, and based on a paper by Tom Laue. It was and continues to be developed under NSF sponsorship. John Philo, Tom Laue and UNH retain copyright rights to the source code.

The executable files are free and may be copied and distributed freely; there is no guarantee or warranty implied about the accuracy of this program. No one is authorized to sell Sednterp. Portions of the source code are available to interested scientists. Comments, problems, and suggestions are sincerely requested from users.

The program is designed to be very comprehensive and flexible in using all possible forms of information available from experiment. However, Sednterp will assume default parameters for quick analysis. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the user to supply Sednterp with all available experimental information in order to get the most accurate interpretation. Particularly when many defaults are used, the accuracy of the computations performed by Sednterp will be questionable.