The Buffer Section

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The buffer section of the main form displays information particular to a buffer. The section on the main form displays the density and viscosity of the buffer. Other information about the buffer, if available, is displayed on or from the Buffer Components form. A previously saved record of buffer information can be chosen by name from a list in the buffer data select combo box. The pH of the buffer can be entered directly in the text box. The choice of vbar used by Sednterp in its calculations is indicated by the one green underlined button.

The Direct Entry buttons enable the user to enter any value for density or viscosity directly on the form. With direct entry, these values are not temperature corrected by Sednterp (This is indicated by the No Tc message that appears next to the text box).

The Standard button allows the user to enter a value for density or viscosity at a particular temperature for the buffer (presumably from a real measurement someone has made, or from a standard table of physical constants). Values entered as standard are corrected for the temperature difference between the entered value and the experiment.

The Compute button calls up the Buffer Components form. On this form the composition of the buffer is entered directly or indirectly from a file and the density or viscosity will be computed.