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The results form lists results of Sednterp calculations. To understand the results, read the theory section of this help file (and the references listed there for more in depth descriptions). At the bottom of the form is a list box of records of previously saved results. The options that affect the results are the choice of the model and the input of hydration information. Without hydration information, only maximal values for hydration and asymmetry are calculable. With user entered hydration or asymmetry information, exact hydration or asymmetry information is calculated. Hydration may also be estimated from protein composition.

The Graph Shape button and Graph a/b vs. hydration buttons present the graphs named on the button. The graphing form allows many user options in graph presentation. The save to database button opens the Saving Data in Databases Form. Saving results saves the options on the results form and also enters the records in a database that may be analyzed if the user has a separate program capable of using Microsoft Access Databases. The Done button closes the Results form.