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Work on the original project was supported in part by a Grant-in-Aid #850-781 and #870-1092 from the American Heart Association and Grants BBS 86-15815 and DIR 90-02027 from the National Science Foundation. The developers thank Daryl A. Lyons and Hope M. Shazelle for their help in fitting the viscosity data and in preparation of this manuscript. Subsequent work was continued under NSF grant #9314040 with the help of an ROA grant attached to the original grant. John Philo at AMGEN is thanked for developing major new features for this program, and he and AMGEN are thanked for allowing them to be included in the distribution of the program.

Thanks are given to Geoff Howlett for being the most interested and helpful beta-tester. The references listed in this help file acknowledge the irreplaceable heritage of contributions to science from people around the world.