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The purpose of the Sednterp program is to automate the calculation of molecular parameters from experimental information. The purpose of most of the forms in Sednterp is to allow the user to enter or to see information. The most necessary information that must be entered to calculate any molecular values is entered on the main form. The main form also allows the user to choose optional ways of computing experimental information. The main form is the gateway to other more specific forms that enter more specialized information. The main form is an MDI child form that appears automatically upon program startup. (This version of Sednterp uses only one main form at a time, but the source code is easily expandable to use multiple main forms.)

Other forms allow the user to see or to enter more information. Specific information about the sample or the buffer is available in pop up forms.

Following this topic are an overview of the programming strategy implemented in Sednterp, complete descriptions of the elements of the main form and descriptions of the elements of the auxiliary forms.