Saving Data in Databases Form

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In this form, example, sample, buffer, or results information is saved as separate records in tables in a database file. This form not only saves information, but also serves as a utility to modify or delete old records. At the top of the form is a text box displaying the name of the record. Previously entered record names are listed below in the large list box. To enter a new record simply type a unique name for the record in the top list box and press the Save New Record button. If you are saving an Experiment record, you also must supply a date.

If you wish to modify the name of a record, select the record from the list. Typing in the search box will move quickly through the list alphabetically. The name of the record will appear in the top text box. Enter the new name in the New Name for Existing Record text box. Press the Modify Name of This Record button and after confirmation the record name will be modified. If you wish to delete a record, choose it from the list box and then press the Delete this Record button. After confirmation, the record will be deleted.

Pressing the Use Different Database or the Create New Database buttons will open a file dialogue box to choose or name a different database file. These databases will contain none of the previously entered records, so if sharing information from previous experiments is important, an original database should be used. If a fresh start with a carry over of some information is needed, the original database should be copied with a new name and unnecessary records deleted.

When a database is created, the date and the name of the creator is entered by the user.