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Sednterp uses default values for many parameters that may be entered by the user. The use of these defaults limit the accuracy of the calculations performed by Sednterp.

Default values can be changed in File menu of the main form. One value, the coefficient used to calculate the concentration dependence of s* can be changed only by changing this default. (You may have to reinitialize the program by choosing New Data Entry Form on the file menu to cause these default values to be used.)

Other default values show up when Sednterp initializes and the default guess may be replaced by entering data in many different ways.

Sednterp automatically enters default values for the following values (standard default values are in parenthesis; default values currently in use may be different than those listed here due to changes by previous use):

1. The temperature of the sedimentation equilibrium experiment (20 degrees C).

2. The temperature of the sedimentation velocity experiment (20 degrees C).

3. The protein concentration of the sedimentation velocity experiment is set to 0.00.

4. The vbar of the sample (0.74, a good guess for globular proteins).

5. The density of the solvent (0.9983, the density of pure water at 20 C).

6. The viscosity of the solvent (0.001002, the viscosity of pure water at 20 C).

7. The pH of the solvent (7.0).

If you commonly use a particular buffer for your data, you may wish to reset the default density, viscosity, and pH to correspond to that buffer.