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In this section of the help file, basic instructions for the use of Sednterp are given. It is assumed that the user reading these instructions is somewhat familiar with experiments on the ultracentrifuge. For more general theoretical see the sections called Theory of Computer Aided Interpretation of Sedimentation Data and the references given there. The basic operation of Sednterp is to enter data from experiments into the proper fields (text boxes). Sednterp will then automatically compute the value of fields dependent on these boxes.

Following are a series of questions that lead to sections describing actions to perform for the use of Sednterp.

1. What is Sednterp for?

2. What do you want to compute?

a. A molecular weight.

b. A Partial Specific Volume.

c. Buffer Physical Constants.

d. Equivalent Radius, including (minimum frictional coefficient), (maximum sedimentation coefficient), and (maximum diffusion coefficient).

e. Estimates of Hydration and Asymmetry.